Fertilizer application Pamlico County lawns


Click on image for Manufacturer’s Label in PDF format.

We typically apply fertilizer during the first two weeks of June and again during the middle of August but these times may vary slightly due to weather.

Pamlico Lawn Care uses only Lesco-15-0-15 Professional Turf Fertilizer which is specifically formulated for the grass lawns found in Pamlico County.  Manufacturer’s Label for Lesco 15-0-15 Professional Turf Fertilizer in PDF format.  We never use bargain, big box store fertilizers which can harm your lawn over time.  We apply fertilizer using only professional equipment that is carefully calibrated for the product being applied.

We normally charge $150.00 for a fertilizer application to a typical half acre lawn.  This includes the fertilizer product, application to the lawn, and blowing off all paved surfaces (walkways, driveways, etc.) when complete.  A typical half acre lawn requires 150 lbs. of product per application.  Contact us today for a free quote and to get your lawn scheduled into the rotation for a fertilizer app this year.