Fire ant control Pamlico County

About Topchoicetopchoice

Topchoice insecticide provides single-application control of fire ants for up to a full year. Topchoice controls existing colonies and prevents new infestations. Applied only by professionals, Topchoice is formulated specifically for broadcast application with commercially available spreaders.

Protect your yard with Topchoice

Developed and backed by Bayer science, the same company you trust to care for your family’s health, Topchoice uses the lowest dose of pesticide required to provide effective, year-long control. You can relax knowing that you’re responsibly protecting your family and pets from the threat of fire ants.

The No. 1 professional fire ant treatment no_fire_ants_image

High effectiveness, low active ingredient

  • One professional application controls fire ants for up to a full year
  • Kills existing fire ants and the queen
  • Prevents new fire ants from invading
  • Eliminates fire ant mounds even in hard-to-reach places like under sidewalks and driveways
  • Also provides limited control of nuisance insects such as fleas, ticks and mole crickets
  • Lowest dose, non-bait, professionally applied insecticide
  • Residual control – just one broadcast application controls fire ants for up to a full year
  • Effective after rainfall or irrigation
  • No need for fire ant mound treatments
  • Flexible label


Take back your lawn!

One application is all it takes!

$250.00 for 1/2 acre lawn application – LASTS ALL YEAR!

$400.00 for 1 acre lawn application – LASTS ALL YEAR!

Yes it’s expensive but you will not find a cheaper price…period.

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